Spinning for Health

As you may know from a previous blog post, I have recently been purchasing gym equipment to encourage my two daughters to become accustomed to a healthier, exercise rich lifestyle. After the weight I gained from my two pregnancies I’d also like to get back into a regular exercise routine. I was always very active and fit before having the girls and, although, the baby and toddler years kept me fit with all the running around, I am noticing a bit of spread as my children are becoming older and less dependent on me.


Ways I Like to Keep Fit:


I have never been one to frequent a gym, preferring instead to exercise outdoors or at home. With the girls still being too young to leave at home alone, it is increasingly hard to find the time to exercise outside of the home. Because of this, I am hoping to find a keep-fit solution that I can carry out at home. I used to enjoy running but the thought of running on a tread-mill doesn’t fill me with much excitement. My primary method of transport, pre kids, was always by push bike. But what with my new life of school runs and mass grocery shopping, I just can’t find a way to lose the car and get back on my bicycle.


Cycling at Home:


My dear friend Lizzie came over for coffee the other day and we got chatting about my desire to exercise again and all of the limitations to this that come with having dependent children.  Lizzie, my constant source of wisdom and sound advice, told me how much she enjoys her spinning classes.  She doesn’t just enjoy them because of the fast pace and pumping music but also because she is noticing fast results. I must say, I was very envious when I saw her new, svelte and toned physique.  Both having busy schedules, we hadn’t seen each other since before Lizzie started the spinning classes. I have to say, seeing the difference in her body shape, size and tone really motivated me to do something about my own fitness. The only problem is that I don’t have the time to join Lizzie at the spinning class. “Then why not buy yourself a spinning bike” exclaimed Lizzie. “You can pick up some good deals and you should do something for yourself, not just the girls”.  I realized that I was focusing all my attention and funds on fitting out a room in the house with gym equipment for my daughters but hadn’t considered buying a piece of gym equipment for myself.


How does one go about purchasing a spinning bike? I had never even considered that I could ‘spin’, if that’s the correct verb for it, at home before. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen spin bikes for sale in any of my local sports stores. The internet was to be my next port of call.  


What is the difference between a standard exercise bike and a spin bike?


My research took me on a journey of discovering the answer to this question, with thanks to www.spinning.com, a wealth of information about spin bikes. It appears that a spin bike has fixed wheels which will help me to pedal faster, better and generally up my cardio workout.  They also have more features which will allow me to make adjustments to, for example, the seat height, handle bar height and reach.  It is also thought that they are generally better made than stationary exercise bikes. I did find out that spin bikes require more maintenance than regular exercise bikes, especially used spin bikes for sale, but I think the pros outweigh the cons in this instance.


Where to Purchase a Spin Bike:


New spin bikes are way out of my budget. Seriously, I’d have to remortgage the house to buy a decent model. So my search for a spin bike has taken me to looking up used spin bikes for sale, which tend to be in the range of $150 to $300.   Even this is a little bit much for my current budget so I have decided to make a small investment on a sitter for a couple of sessions before making a larger investment and seeking out spin bikes for sale. There are some real bargains to be had on www.for-sale.co.uk, which has become my go to for all things second hand. The spin bikes for sale on this site are well priced and all appear to be in top-notch condition. If I enjoy the spinning classes, I think it will be well worth saving up for one of these so that I can enjoy keeping fit at home.


I’ll be back soon to report on my progress. Bye for now.